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In a world that is not so personable, you and your staff made us feel like we were your neighbors.

-Cecilia C.-B. & Terry V. B.

In November 2010, Duane retired from home building but still is active in the land development business. His children are carrying on his dream of providing affordable, well built homes for the Lincoln community. For more information click here.


Duane Hartman - Founder of Hartland Homes


Hartland Homes was founded 1984, when the national economy was in the midst of a recession and interest rates for financing a home fluctuated between 14 and 21%. Home building in Lincoln was at a virtual standstill. However, with a lot of hard work and "creative financing", the groundwork was established to provide quality, affordable homes to the Lincoln community.  Staffed with only one part-time salesperson, one construction superintendent and one secretary, the company was able to close 36 new homes that first year, the most of any builder in the community. 

Now, almost 30 years later, the family business is thriving and Duane is proud that his children have continued his legacy and mission of providing affordable housing solutions.

Hartland Homes has built over 2400 homes in the Lincoln area.

Purchase your new home from a home builder who will be here tomorrow!

Hartland Homes believes in Lincoln. We build only in Lincoln and surrounding areas and our employees are long time Lincoln area residents. See Awards and News for more details on our community involvement.

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